Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Basement of the Week: Backyard Beauty Inspires a Resort-Like Space

After three years of living in their new house, this Georgia family needed an update: The toddlers had grown into playful kiddos, and they all wished for more room for family fun and entertaining.

They contacted builder John Willis Homes to renovate the home, and he brought in Jeff Thomas to plan the space and design the interior. The natural beauty of this home’s yard immediately inspired Thomas to create a design that connected with the outdoors, literally and stylistically.

Basement at a Glance

Who lives here: A couple with a 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son

Location: Atlanta

Size: About 2,000 square feet

The heart of the new dream basement is a comfortable living room and fully equipped bar; the room now opens out to the yard. New steel beams added structural support, making the wide-open space possible.

“The first time I saw this house, I was struck by how beautiful their backyard was,” Thomas says. “It actually inspired me to present them with a resort-style design for the space that brought the outside in and blended the spaces.”

A new patio extends the basement living room outdoors. Thomas thought carefully about how to connect the two spaces with materials as well. He used the same stone that is on the exterior of the house throughout the basement, on the bar, around a fireplace and in a wall of built-ins.

Basement of the Week: Backyard Beauty Inspires a Resort-Like Space


Basement of the Week: Backyard Beauty Inspires a Resort-Like Space

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

11 Elements of the Perfect Sunroom

Sunrooms support leisurely living and increase square footage — often with lower construction costs than a fully finished room. If you’re thinking about someday adding a sunroom or turning an existing space into a sunny retreat, here are some features to consider. And if you’re not, maybe these photos will change your mind.

1. Comfortable seating. The ultimate sunroom acts as a second living room. It need not scream wicker. You may bring in upholstered seating, plush pillows and throws, indoor-outdoor rugs and occasional tables that you would think to use inside. A proper sunroom has electrical outlets to support floor and table lamps as well.

2. Multiple purposes. Ideally a sunroom can accommodate both a seating arrangement and a dining table, so it can be utilized as frequently as possible.

Room of the Day: Color Energizes a Texas Playroom

12 Home Stages That Put on a Great Show

In our technology-saturated world, we often turn to the TV, the computer or the video game console as soon as boredom strikes. Although all those screens have their conveniences, being your own source of entertainment can help spark creativity and up that all-too-rare family time. If you’re a fan of family jam sessions, karaoke parties or self-produced plays, it might be time to create a home stage.

To get those creative juices flowing, you don’t need an expansive space — all you need is a small corner in a playroom or basement and the outgoing personality of a performer. These colorful, fun stages will help bring out the kid in you, and who knows? It just might prepare your kids for future stardom.

This pretty-in-pink karaoke corner is a child’s dream. The dress-up station lets her try on different personas while belting it out on a bright pink mic.

Make sure those guitar or drum lessons are paying off by letting your kids strut their stuff. This music room–playroom combo leaves plenty of space for adoring fans and works for homework time, too.

If you can go all out, turn your basement into a movie and music haven by creating a theater with a stage. The projector screen here moves up when not in use, leaving plenty of space for a concert or play, and the oversize sectional ensures the audience is comfy.

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12 Home Stages That Put on a Great Show

Morning Nook Tips for Sleepyheads to Get-Up-and-Goers

Bucket Sinks Haul Rustic Chic Style Into Bathrooms

Before indoor plumbing existed, there were buckets and washbasins, so it’s only fitting that an old-fashioned bucket still makes a great sink. Bucket sink basins come in a variety of patinas from galvanized tin to patinated copper; fixed or moveable handles are optional. An intrepid plumber can repurpose an antique for you, or you can buy a ready-made bucket-shaped sink from a number of suppliers. Intrigued by the idea? Consider a bucket for bathroom styles from Western ghost town to uberindustrial.

A bucket on a stump brings the spirit of a woodsy camping trip to this civilized bathroom.

You may opt to take your buckets two ways; a vessel bucket sink and a sunken sink throw off expectations of exact Jack and Jill sink symmetry.

A simple antique water bucket is an appropriate choice for a contemporary barn conversion. Note the way this bucket can go with farmhouse and industrial touches.

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Bucket Sinks Haul Rustic Chic Style Into Bathrooms

Stressed Out? Try Hitting the Woodshop

Monday, August 18, 2014

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Laundry Room

8 Rooms That Say 'Let's Make Something'

If you’re lucky enough to have a workshop or craft room, you want it to be an inviting place that inspires you to get right to work, with plenty of easy-to-use places to stash your tools, samples and supplies and a nice big work surface. Dreaming of shaping up your workshop or turning a bedroom into a studio? Pick up an idea or two from these deluxe places for makers.

Tilt-down paper organizer. Just at eye level, this tilt-down wrapping paper organizer has slanted frames that hold sheets of decorative and tissue paper perfectly, making it super easy to find just the right paper for gift wrapping and scrapbooking.

Grid wall. Wall-mounted, rubberized wire grids (which can be found at commercial/retail supply stories) are perfect for storing miscellaneous objects that can be hung. This simple organizing solution will end your days of digging through bottomless drawers for that missing pair of scissors, roll of tape or ribbon. Instead, all of your odds and ends can be hung in clear view for easy access.

Inspiration board. Every craft room needs inspiration to get your creative wheels turning. Create your own inspiration board with a favorite fabric and decorative ribbon. All of your photos can slip between the fabric and ribbon to stay in place without tape or tacks.

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8 Rooms That Say 'Let's Make Something'

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